Andrea Armeni Interview with LIFT Economy 

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In this interview, Ryan Honeyman of LIFT Economy speaks with ED Andrea Armeni about the transformative finance approach.

Interview Main Points:

  • Well-intentioned investors working with indigenous communities have often taken conventional approaches which fail to account for the importance of community and broader power dynamics and we discuss how to support investors to deploy capital in ways aligned w/ values and needs of community
  • Organizing asset owners around 3 principles: 1) deep engagement in affected communities 2) ownership and asset building opportunities in communities 3) fairly allocating risks & returns between investors and communities enabling their
  • How Transform Finance dovetails with other organizations within the broader ecosystem of impact investing
  • Navigating the tension and sometimes uncomfortable interstitial space between finance and social justice
  • Including finance among the set of tools one can use for social change in addition to advocacy and political action
  • Rebuilding the ship while we are sailing it as an analogy for transition to the next economy

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