Andrea Armeni Interview with ImpactAlpha at the GIIN Investor Forum

At this year’s GIIN Investor Forum, Andrea Armeni met up with ImpactAlpha’s David Bank to discuss trends in the field.

One of the main things we are noticing is more talk about the “plumbing” of an investment – the non-flashy elements that may actually lead to more impact. Structural elements like ownership distribution, the inclusion of multiple stakeholders, the term structuring of the investment, and how much the investor is putting the enterprise’s and community’s needs first are all examples of the plumbing that need to be addressed when using capital as a tool for change. Otherwise, we will ignore the systemic issues at hand and capital interventions will remain palliative.

To hear more about our reflections on the field at the Investor Forum, watch the interview with Andrea here. We are also building an impact methodology around these issues, in order to help investors move their capital in ways that address these issues in plumbing. If you are interested in the Transform Finance approach, contact us.