LIFT Economy with Regan Pritzker: Teaching, Learning, & Tipping the Scale Toward A Just Transition

Check out this podcast! LIFT Economy’s Ryan Honeyman chats with Regan Pritzker, board member of the Libra Foundation, about strategic philanthropy and impact investing as a whole. A common thread throughout her journey in the field is her personal and professional partnership with Transform Finance.

The Libra Foundation has been a long-term supporter of the work Transform Finance does in bridging the gap between investors and community based organizations and nonprofits. In fact, advisory board members Morgan Simon and Aner Ben Ami have been advising the Foundation on direct investments for several years and helping them filter and identify worthy projects through Candide Group (formerly Pi Investments). Regan also reveals that she's been giving out Morgan's book, REAL IMPACT, as a gift since it came out last October!

We’re proud to be a partner of the Libra Foundation and grateful for their support as we strive for transformational change! Listen to the podcast here.