The Transform Finance Capital Strategy Cohort


The Transform Finance Capital Strategy Cohort seeks to support social justice organizations who want to launch new campaigns, strategies, and interventions around capital.

Social justice movements have long organized around capital -- from divesting from fossil fuels and private prisons, to activating shareholders to influence corporate behavior. Given the complexity of finance and the myriad ways it affects marginalized communities, we need to evolve our approach to mitigating these effects. But how do we do this? How can we add tools, strategies, and interventions to the influential work that’s already being done around capital? What if we mobilized people to sign online petitions and also organized investors to align with our values? For pioneering organizations, the cohort hopes to unlock and support the capital-based strategies that could support our movements for social justice.

The Transform Finance Capital Cohort, through a mix of in-person gatherings, coaching sessions, online modules, and peer collaboration, will help organizations at the forefront of this conversation launch a new capital strategy for social justice.

Over the course of a year, the cohort will receive:

  • Transform Finance-led training around the financial ecosystem and its actors

  • Strategic access to select members of the Transform Finance Investor Network and other friends of Transform Finance

  • Personalized feedback on strategy from Transform Finance, coaches, and peers

  • Intimate connections to peer organizations looking to engage with new capital strategies


Even though many modules and interactions will revolve around capital flows and investment, the cohort is not explicitly focused on fundraising or attracting capital for an organization. Although this may occur, asset owners and asset managers who provide their expertise to the cohort have no obligation or expectation to financially invest in any participating organization.


If you’d like to speak with us directly, please contact Eric at