April 17 – Virtual Gathering: Meeting the Cohort, Expectation Setting & Goals

May 7 & 8 – Session 1 – The Basics: Organizing around Finance (New York City, 1.5 days @ Rockefeller Foundation) Members will understand a menu of capital tools/relevant actors and begin exploring how tool(s) fit into their existent work. Attendees: cohort members

Week of June 10 – Virtual Gathering: Progress Report, Customizing Module 2 Agenda

Week of July 15 – Session 2 – The Bridge: Building unlikely Coalitions (New York City, 1-2 days) Members will learn what drives relevant actors to action, build community with values-aligned financial actors, and deepen the integration of their chosen tool(s) into their existent work. Attendees: cohort members, allied investors

Week or September 23 – Virtual Gathering: Progress Report, Co-creating Module 3 Agenda

Week of November 4 – Session 3 – The Breakthrough: Sharing Broadly & Integrating Deeply (TBD, 1 day) Members will present their tool(s) to the group and have it workshopped (determine needs for implementation and success, etc.). Attendees: cohort members, allied investors, and a wider variety of movement-focused groups (academics, statisticians, digital/media organizers, foundations, etc.)

Week of December 9 – Virtual Gathering - Debrief