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Transform Finance releases an Executive Summary of its upcoming report: Innovations in Financing Structures for Impact Enterprises: Spotlight on Latin America

Typical financing structures based on debt or equity are often inappropriate for early-stage impact enterprises. Due to potential conflicts between the investor's expectations of returns and the entrepreneur's commitment to their mission, impact entrepreneurs have a difficult time securing the right kind of capital for their specific needs. As a result, many fail to get off the ground due to this capital gap.

This summary of Transform Finance's upcoming report provides an overview of the specific problems with traditional financing structures, the innovations happening now in investment funds and deal structures to alleviate the capital gap, and recommendations for how fund managers, investors, and entrepreneurs can engage with these alternatives to increase their impact.

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Andrea Armeni and Sonen Capital's Meredith Benton speak to Devin Thorpe about the recently released Investor Briefing: Renewable Energy Impacts on Communities.

“It is not acceptable for any business to ignore their impacts on peoples’ land rights, security or livelihoods - the renewable energy sector is no different.”                                                                                                Mary Robinson - Mary Robinson Foundation

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Transform Finance builds a just world by making capital a force for transformative change.
We do this by bridging the worlds of finance and social justice, leveraging their collective power
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Transform Finance supports a broad range of efforts to use finance as a positive tool for equity and shared prosperity. We work with investors, asset owners, entrepreneurs, and social change agents to move capital in transformative ways and prove the potential of bold new approaches to the role of finance in our world. 



We convene the Transform Finance Investor Network, a community of funds, foundations, and family offices seeking to invest with a community-centered, social justice approach. Over $2 billion has been committed to investment using the Transformative Finance principles and approach. 


We assist activists and community leaders to leverage finance as a force for transformative social change. We support organizations to generate new earned income strategies, leverage finance as a tool for social justice, and enable financial accountability in our communities.


We enable social entrepreneurs to find the right financing structure for their enterprise and deepen their impact. Our educational courses on Transformative Enterprise teach how to operate from a community-centered approach that balances the needs of all stakeholders.


A brief overview of the Transform Finance approach on impact investing, looking at the challenges of the industry scaling up.


1) Projects are primarily designed, governed, and where feasible owned by communities.

2) Investments add more value than they extract.

3) The financial relationship fairly balances risks and returns among all stakeholders.



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