We envision a world where capital is a tool for the advancement of real, transformative social change. Through thought leadership, trainings, convenings, and the Transform Finance Investor Network, we support all stakeholders, from community leaders and activists to investors and entrepreneurs, who are exploring that vision.  


This report highlights examines the pain points for both investors and entrepreneurs around traditional financing structures, provides examples of emerging and proven alternatives, and offers suggestions for concrete steps to advance the adoption of alternative structures to foster impact enterprises. Download the report HERE.

Transform Finance seeks to contribute to a broader racial justice agenda by exploring how investment decisions play a role in driving race-related outcomes and by informing, organizing, and empowering investors with concrete tools across asset classes. To learn more about our Project, click HERE

We are seeking thoughtful and energetic leaders who are committed to social justice values, versed in finance, and motivated by the idea of growing a small, quirky, yet well-respected organization. We have two open positions:

Investor Engagement Manager - New York City

The Investor Engagement Manager will be responsible for managing the Transform Finance Investor Network, supporting the organization’s growing investor advisory services, and working on special projects, such as investor briefings and reports.

Visit our Careers page for more information and for other opportunities to work with Transform Finance. 


The fourth edition of Transform Finance's flagship training, the Institute for Social Justice Leaders, took place from December 8-10 in New York City. It brought together over 30 organizations exploring how to reclaim finance to serve the needs of communities with strategies ranging from market-based activity and community-governed to investor engagement. Participants included Source International, NESRI, the Boston Ujima Project, BALLE, CEJA, and Living Cities. Among our speakers were The Working World, LISC, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, and SITAWI Finance for Good.   

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The Transform Finance Investor Network is a community of practice for asset owners and other finance practitioners exploring how to deploy capital for social change in accordance with the principles of transformative finance. With a commitment of over $2 billion in aligned capital, the Network is an opportunity for investors to workshop and compare cutting edge impact practices, receive deal analyses, and engage with communities.


We seek to empower community-based organizations by helping them use capital to advance their missions. Using our unique position at the intersection of finance and social change, we connect investors to projects that serve marginalized communities, support place-based investing initiatives through trainings, and educate grassroots leaders on capital strategies for social change through the flagship Institute for Social Justice Leaders.


We help investors navigate the impact investing space by helping them define the impact thesis for their portfolio, crafting investment policy statements, performing impact audits, and identifying pipelines of aligned opportunities. We develop tools to deepen impact and ensure accountability, such as stronger, more relevant metrics, frameworks and best practices, and alternative deal structures centered on mission preservation.


A brief overview of the Transform Finance approach on impact investing, looking at the challenges of the industry scaling up.


1) Projects are primarily designed, governed, and where feasible owned by communities.

2) Investments add more value than they extract.

3) The financial relationship fairly balances risks and returns among all stakeholders.

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