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The Institute for Social Justice leaders is a three-day training where social justice leaders and changemakers learn about and explore the practical application of finance to community-centered and social justice work. In its first three years, the Institute has brought together over 100 leaders, majority people of color, serving over 5 million individuals collectively. It is a unique opportunity to learn how capital works, explore its relationship with communities, and imagine what it could do instead if regular folks and activists were at the helm. 

For capital to become a force for good, we need social justice leaders like you to devise ways to engage with it and take it back. Come join us and add finance to your social justice toolbox!

Is the Institute for you?

Participants come from an incredibly diverse range of backgrounds, from grassroots racial justice organizations to cooperative developers to national labor networks. The one common thread? All are dedicated to social justice and want to know more about the ways finance plays a role in their work. 

So, if you're wondering how foundation dollars directly or indirectly affect your organization, why enterprises in some communities get startup capital more than others, how you can steer capital towards your non-profit or for-profit organization, or anything else about the intersection of justice and finance, then YES, the Institute is for you!

Participants will leave the training with:

  • An orientation to the connection between social justice and capital flows
  • The basics of finance and the various investment instruments available to organizations, with a focus on impact investing and venture philanthropy
  • Three main social change strategies for capital engagement:
    • investments and earned revenue to supplement other funding sources 
    • market activity as a driver of social change outcomes
    • investor accountability for inbound capital flows

Past Participants and Speakers

Sample Participants | Arab Cultural Center | Asian Americans for Civil Rights & Equality | Bay Localize | Cooperation Jackson | Disability Rights Fund | Forward Together | Generation Waking Up | Movement Strategy Center | Mujeres Unidas y Activas | Oakland Grown | National Day Labor Organizing Network | Restaurant Opportunities Center | Roots of Success | Social Justice Learning Institute | United Roots | Urban Peace Movement | Youth SEED

Sample Speakers

Causa Justa :: Just Cause | Civic Insight | East Bay Community Law Center | Greenlining Institute | Inner City Advisors | International Development Exchange | The Working World | Mandela MarketPlace | Nonprofit Finance Fund | Project Equity | People's Community Market

While admission is priced on a sliding scale, we have limited scholarships available on a rolling basis - apply soon!

        Please contact us at with any questions.