The Transform Finance Investor Network has committed over $2 billion to the Transformative Finance principles and approach.

The Transform Finance Investor Network is a community of practice for asset owners and managers exploring how to align their capital in accordance with the transformative finance principles of deep community engagement, non-extractiveness, and fair allocation of risks and returns among stakeholders.



The Investor Network Webinars combine a deep analysis of under-explored topics with presentations of investable opportunities, with topics ranging from non-extractive microfinance in the Global South to centering indigenous communities in just transition investments. Our webinars intentionally feature activist perspectives that traditionally do not have access to investor audiences and to whom investors are normally not exposed.



We believe that the field of transformative investing will grow through concrete action, and the Investor Network is well-structured to facilitate real, pressing, timely activities that lead to concrete results. A component of this effort is to provide real investment opportunities at the forefront of impact investing for our members.



Members in the Transform Finance Investor Network have access to:

  • Monthly working-group webinars, from policy discussions to deal structures

  • A quarterly newsletter and dedicated listserv to address field developments in real time

  • Access to centralized information on events, trends, articles and opportunities


  • The only network of practitioners specifically dedicated to a social justice approach to impact investment

  • Periodic convenings where the community of practice can meet in person, network and deepen the knowledge


  • Quarterly deal flow sharing of upcoming investment opportunities vetted by the Transform Finance team

  • Peer review of deal structures

  • Deal support, both directly through the Transform Finance team and through the sharing of experiences


  • Priority and discounted access to Transform Finance’s customized advisory services, and its comprehensive, practical approach covering investment philosophy, deal flow, due diligence, investment monitoring, target vetting, and impact metrics

  • Access to selected service providers with a commitment to social justice impact investing

  • Option to register non-member guests for webinars


Membership Criteria

Membership is appropriate for individual investors, funds, family offices, philanthropists and foundations with a keen interest in adopting community-centered models of impact investment. Impact intermediaries will be considered for membership on a case by case basis.

The only prerequisites to membership are being an accredited investor or institution and committing to exploring the transformative finance principles as an approach to your investment practice. There is no minimum investment commitment: membership is open to explorers regardless of current deal stance.


Why Join The Investor Network?

WE NEED A SPACE convening practitioners - funds, foundations, other field-builders and community leaders - to share experiences and learn together how to grow the deep impact space. 

WE WANT TO KNOW more about how to invest in a way that engages communities in design, governance, and ownership; in a way that is non-extractive; in a way that is fair to all parties involved. 

WE NEED TO DEVELOP an approach that is specific to transformative impact investing: innovative investment philosophies, diligence, metrics, and deal structures. 

WE NEED TO ACCESS what deals are out there and get help pre-screening them when our capacity is at a limit. 

WE WANT TO ACTIVATE and support those who are still on the sidelines.


Sample Members


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