For Investors

An emerging group of investors are spearheading the practice of capital deployment for real transformative social change. How can we help them accomplish that goal? The Transform Finance Investor Network is a community of funds, foundations, and family offices seeking to invest with a community-centered, social justice approach. Over $550 million has been committed to invest utilizing the Transform Finance principles. In addition to deal flow, the investors receive educational resources on businesses structure, hybrid organizations, alternative financing models, community ownership and engagement, and shared governance practices. 



For Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs face a significant challenge to balance the needs of their stakeholders and provide maximum value to the communities they serve. Transform Finance provides mission-driven organizations with educational trainings, feedback sessions, and pitching opportunities for leaders interested in deep community engagement. We have developed an accelerator curriculum aimed at making an enterprise transformative, looking beyond product and service to employment practices, community engagement, and supply chain principles. In addition, the organizations we work with receive access to investors and mentors interested in community empowerment through social entrepreneurship. 


For Communities

Social change organizations have historically had little overlap with the world of capital. As they say, if you are not at the table, you are on the menu. We help organizations understand how capital affects their work, both positively and negatively, create revenue-generating projects, and hold investors accountable. We work together to develop a model of finance as a powerful tool in a social justice toolbox. In addition, we offer an educational curriculum tailored to the needs of organizations seeking to engage with capital flows for real transformative social change. 


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Sample Activities


Built and implemented the first PRI program for the Marguerite Casey Foundation, which represents an endowment of over $1 billion.


Held roundtable convenings in Washington, D.C. and Mexico City with the Inter-American Development Bank on Alternative Financing Structures in Latin America. A summary of the report on those findings can be found HERE.

Buen Vivir.png

Helping structure the terms and governance of the Buen Vivir Fund, which is co-designed by the investees and the foundation investors of the fund. 


Provided a two-day training for the Boston Ujima Project, as part of a larger curriculum with the Solidago Foundation, on finance basics for entrepreneurs and investors in the context of building a community-centered investment vehicle.

Partners and Supporters