Participants from our Local Institutes* share their experiences:


Chandra - Atlanta

“After the Institute, I understood that capital and finance are simply tools. Tools that I could actually access versus things that I would never be able to leverage. It really democratized these topics for me in a way that was very powerful and informative for my work and larger visions.”

Raye Winch.jpg

Raye - Phoenix

“The Institute was one of the most powerful trainings I have attended. Rather than focusing just on the problems of our financial system, the Institute focused on building strategic tools to use for the betterment of our communities. Through teaching about the structures of how the current financial system works and specific models, I left with a deeper understanding of ways to shift aspects of the financial system to be more deeply governed by community and build community power.”

Andres Contreras.jpg

Andrés - Cincinnati

“I truly believe that the Institute is helpful to people coming from all levels of understanding of finance. Transform Finance’s approach, that brought together people from all possible stakeholder groups, made it even more worthwhile to everyone.”


Paul - Denver

“One of the most insightful panels was the local investors and investment managers. I had so many questions, it was difficult to know where to start, but I walked away knowing—for the first time—that even people who hold the purse strings have progressive values.”


Nafeesah - Atlanta

“I attended the Institute without any finance background. I had no idea what to expect. By day two, I was excited to share this training with my organization, the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), as well as other community leaders I'm affiliated with.”


Cal - Cincinnati

“I am realizing that finance touches everything and I need to embrace them rather than reject them if I am to make real change in my communities. I want to understand both the history and consequential effects of the way finances are managed and distributed better.”

Derrick-Braziel-1 (1).jpg

Derrick - Cincinnati

“Having Transform Finance come to Cincinnati definitely surpassed my expectations in terms of subject matter expertise, facilitation and practical tools for our community to learn. The tools Transform Finance shared with our group of ecosystem practitioners will, without question, enable us to unlock resources for entrepreneurs to start businesses, transfer wealth, and change the world. I cannot thank Transform Finance enough for the experience provided for all of us in Cincinnati.”


C. Benzel - Denver

“I see better the deep options availible to me for building my own personal, business, and community based financial endeavors. The teachers and speakers were very knowledgeable and pushed us to get the context of details in order for us to create our own vision. They stayed focused.”


Nedra - Atlanta

“Transform Finance’s approach helped me to realize that I knew more about the financial system than I thought. The Institute was helpful in several ways to me: distilling the current system, infusing social justice goals, identifying current resources and re-imagining future possibilities.”

Liane Hernandez photo by Rachel Miller.jpg

Eula Liane - Phoenix

“Transform Finance opened my eyes and heart to another possibility to organize with other folks in my state to imagine a new way forward for our many communities. I think that we must all learn these (capital) strategies and realms of possibility if we are going to build new systems of possibility and justice for our people.”

Raymael Blackwell.jpg

Raymael - Denver

“I was challenged to think deeply about how finance affects all aspects of our lives and the vocabulary to voice my thoughts. The Institute helped push me into a greater understanding of how to leverage capital to achieve social justice…We have to take ownership of our role(s) within the economic system and actively deter the financialization of it. It's easy to avoid the subject when you are unfamiliar or intimidated by the financial system. We have to put forth the effort to learn about it and think creatively about solutions that prevent the exploitation of those with limited access to power and influence.”

Victoria Gomez.jpg

Victoria - Denver

“I don't have a finance background or feel entirely comfortable navigating the concepts and terminology of finance. Though I initially hesitated to participate, the Institute was absolutely beneficial and educational. I am still not an expert in finance and need not be one. I can still leverage the learnings and the experience of the Institute to infuse my organizing with community in order to raise awareness and catalyze the people around me…more folx need to know about the role of finance and its potential for allyship with social justice.”


Carmen - Atlanta

“I left the Institute with reignited passion. Imagination is so powerful and it’s often the first thing to be suppressed in traditional financial education. But the Institute brought it back by discussing tools that can build a more equitable system. Saying to someone, "Imagine if...", is both an act of love and liberation. We will build what we believe. I'm so glad I did the Institute. I am honored to have been chosen. I hope Transform Finance keeps sharing knowledge that will allow us to make our imagination our reality.”


m ali - Phoenix

“I am no longer intimidated by (the financial) system. I now see how I can use relationships with funders to help meet their needs and the needs of the community at the same time…I went into the Institute not knowing fully what to expect and left with new knowledge of how to navigate the system and get capital to the businesses and organizations I support that are doing the work on the front lines.”


Ross - Atlanta

“We should all be talking about justice in finance, as with any other sector. The Institute is not only equipping leaders to have the conversation, it's also pushing us to the table to confront these issues.”

tom strong.jpg

Tom - Atlanta

“The big goal is to democratize ownership of capital assets, including developing more participatory ways to make decisions about those assets. The Institute showed me there's a lot of exciting experiments going on now in all kinds of places. But for systemic change, some large-scale owners of capital need to be brought around.”

*Participants are identified by the Institute they attended, not necessarily their city of residence. For example, several participants from our Phoenix Institute drove up from Tucson to learn and build community with local Phoenicians.