Below is an overview of the projects that Transform Finance is currently engaged with. We welcome your feedback on the projects as well as suggestions for new topics we should tackle at the intersection of finance and social justice. 

Alternative Financing Structures

This project, together with the Inter-American Development Bank, highlights emerging practices on structuring investment deals that satisfy the needs of impact enterprises. Download the report HERE.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Social Change Through Public Markets

When it comes to keeping corporations accountable, Divestment and Engagement have dominated for the past few decades. But these strategies have inherent limitations, given current investment and political trends. This project highlights supplements and alternatives to those strategies.

Racial Justice

In this project, Transform Finance seeks to contribute to a broader racial justice agenda by exploring how investment decisions play a role in driving race-related outcomes and by informing, organizing, and empowering investors with concrete tools across asset classes.                                                                          


Future Of Work

In an era of globalization and automation, workers are increasingly being treated as costs subordinate to capital. This project brings attention to the financial consequences of treating workers as an externality, and what investors can do about it.

Capital and Equitable Communities

This project aims to document the landscape of community-engaged capital interventions both in terms of types of capital being deployed and the structure and depth of community-engaged processes. It will also provide action-oriented guidance to three main stakeholder groups – grassroots community organizations, philanthropic actors, and financial intermediaries.

Fostering Employee Ownership

Employee ownership has emerged as one of the main ways of creating asset-building opportunities. Transform Finance seeks to increase the number of conversions by designing a private equity acquirer that can buy the company from the exiting owners and shepherd it to
employee ownership.


Investing to Empower Communities in Post-Conflict Colombia

In partnership with Acumen Latin America, this project evaluates existing models of post-conflict investment practices and adapts them to the Colombian context. We are designing a model for investing in post-conflict areas that deliberately considers issues of power, rights, and access to resources of historically marginalized groups.

Impact Methodology

If the goal of impact investing is to create an economy that produces more equitable outcomes we cannot leave "how" questions unaddressed. Transform Finance has developed a unique methodology and a due diligence and audit tool in order to help investors assess how their investments map onto an impact thesis, what negative impacts exist, and whether impact is being left on the table.

Investing in Quality Jobs

Investors can affect the quality of the jobs their portfolio companies create. Transform Finance provides investors with frameworks and support to help them understand why it matters to invest in quality jobs. We can ensure that investors play a positive role in the creation of high quality jobs.