Deep Democratization of Capital with The Boston Ujima Project

As the first democratic investment fund in the country, the Boston Ujima Project represents a multi-stakeholder initiative of community members, community organizers, investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs that takes a bottom-up approach to private capital allocations. In this webinar, Nia Evans of the Boston Ujima Project and Aaron Tanaka of the Center for Economic Democracy discuss the genesis of the Ujima Project and the rationale for their multi-stakeholder, economic democracy approach to capital, and share details on their new fund. Afterwards, Jed Emerson of Blended Value helps us frame the Ujima Project in the context of the broader purpose of capital.

A Just Transition for Indigenous Communities with Navajo Power

The Just Transition framework, which we have explored previously in the TFIN, looks to center the voices of marginalized communities that are currently reliant on fossil fuel industry. Investors can play a meaningful role in ensuring in particular that these communities are given access to wealth-building opportunities within new energy infrastructure. In this webinar, Dan Rosen and Brett Isaac of Navajo Power, a Public Benefit Company, will describe the company's model for developing renewable energy infrastructure on Native American tribal lands so as to maximize the economic benefits to the communities where the infrastructure is located.

Community Feedback and Accountability Mechanisms

Impact investments by private actors aim to provide positive social and environmental benefits. As the field matures, a few questions have become central: what is the accountability for the impacts of these investments, to whom, and how is it established? In this webinar, we will examine the workings and value of community feedback mechanisms via case studies, followed by a conversation on how the field can develop these mechanisms with Kindra Mohr and Sarah Singh of Accountability Counsel. They will be joined by Joanna Levitt Cea, an advocate and facilitator for investments that honor environmental and human rights and former Executive Director of the International Accountability Project.